KK Enterprises

We do all those little things you don't have time for 
Services include:

Recycling / "Dump Run"
    If your old couch, TV, bed, or whatever is too big to fit in the trash can we can get it to the Gage County landfill for you. 
    more info here

    From "normal" weekly/monthly cleaning at home or office to getting a rental ready for the next tenant or the office ready for a VIP.  

   We can work on most anything in your house that is not electrical or mechanical - kitchen chair, table, cupboard, wall, door,  ......
    (not everything can be fixed; if we can't fix it we won't charge you anything)

   Mow, trim, edge, move snow, trim trees away from the house or for walking room, .......
    We can even put in a walkway - stepping stone, gravel, brick, concrete

    Inside or out we can get it done.

It would be impossible to list everything

There are 5000 things we can do for you
(we just don't know what they are yet).

If you are in or near Gage County Nebraska give us a call we'll see what we can do for you!

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